What is Dialexton School of Allied Health Professions?2020-03-04T03:58:06+00:00

DIALEXTON SCHOOL OF ALLIED HEALTH PROFESSIONS is a healthcare training institution, approved by the New York State Education Department since 2013.

DIALEXTON SCHOOL OF ALLIED HEALTH PROFESSIONS is committed to the future and success of Allied Healthcare Professionals in New York City and the entire New York Metropolitan area. The highest standard of education and the most informed curriculum are implemented in our educational programs. Moreover, DIALEXTON SCHOOL OF ALLIED HEALTH PROFESSIONS’s has the ultimate goal to become a local and leading provider of professional training and education in the Medical field.

In additition, we offer all  potential and eligible candidates, current healthcare workers, college students and our graduates who successfully complete one of the approved training programs the opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in their field.  We closely work with one of the best designated organization for determining certification standards for healthcare professionals.

Why to join Dialexton School of Allied Professions?2020-03-04T03:58:33+00:00


  1. Fast track Option: Save time and become a medical professional (for instance Phlebotomy/ECG Technician, Medical Assistant in HALF the time compared with similar programs in other institutions with our Fast-Track Option for qualified individuals.
  2. Experience personal and financial satisfaction of helping people on a daily basis.
  3. Enjoy excellent opportunity for HANDS-ON training using the latest technology plus job placement assistance.
  4. Our faculty and staff is bilingual and focuses on individual needs teaching you in according to the highest standards and in the area of their expertise. They are licensed, experienced Medical Doctors, Physician Assistants, Registered Nurses practicing in inpatient/outpatient settings. They know the demand of the market and instruct you in order to succeed in a medical profession.
  5. Unlike other schools/educational centers, training for medical career professionals while you work or in the process of looking for new employment  is OUR SPECIALTY.
What is NHA?2020-03-04T03:57:18+00:00
National Healthcareer Association (NHA) is the benchmark in professional healthcare certification!
NHA has become the leading organization of its kind in healthcare certification, continuing education, and working with educational institutions throughout the country in curriculum development, competency testing, and preparation for the national certification exams.
What are the requirements to take the NHA National Certification Exam?2020-03-04T03:59:32+00:00

You must meet one of the following criteria listed below.

  • You must have either a High School Diploma or equivalency and you must have recently successfully completed an NHA approved training program OR
  • You must have either a High School Diploma, or equivalency, and you must have recently worked in the field of certification for a minimum of 1 year. (Candidates must be able to provide written proof of experience by director or employer!)
How do I study for my National Certification Exam?2020-03-04T04:05:48+00:00

All students will receive one of our NHA Study Guides after registering for their certification exam.

DIALEXTON SCHOOL OF ALLIED HEALTH PROFESSIONS in cooperation with National Healthcareer Association prepares and supplies the most up-to-date methods of helping you prepare for your National Certification Exam. The DIALEXTON SCHOOL OF ALLIED HEALTH PROFESSIONS Customer Service Representative and our instructors are ready to help you get prepared for your National Certification Exam. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us at 718.473.6565.

What do I need to bring to the testing site?2020-03-04T04:04:23+00:00

If you are taking an internet based exam, you must bring your confirmation letter from NHA and photo identification.  If you are taking a printed exam, you must bring your confirmation letter from NHA, photo identification and two number 2 pencils.

Is the National Certification Exam offered using pencil and paper?2020-03-04T04:07:47+00:00

Yes, all of NHA National Certification Examinations can be taken at our NHA approved testing site with an exam proctor present.

How soon can I retake the exam?2020-03-04T04:12:08+00:00

You must wait at least 1 month before retaking an exam.

How many times can I retake the exam?2020-03-04T04:15:06+00:00

If you were unsuccessful on your first attempt, you can retake the exam 2 additional times at the discounted cost of $52.50.

How soon do I get the results of the exam?2020-03-04T04:16:05+00:00

Results are sent to the testing site approximately 3 business days after receipt of the exams.  The actual certification is generally mailed within 20 business days.

If I completed my training in New York and now I am moving to another state; can I take the NHA Certification Exam in another state?2020-03-04T04:16:46+00:00

If you completed training in New York state and moved to another state, you can take the certification exam at either state (based on NHA guidelines) but you will need to look for another testing site of the state you are moving into. Therefore, we recommend you to notify us in advance about your further plans. We will try to make arrangements for the next available date, if time permitted and you meet qualification criteria.

If I am a Home Attendant (HHA) and took Home Health Aide course, which National Certification exam am I eligible for?2020-03-04T04:17:44+00:00

NHA does not provide licensing for Home Health Aides. However, if you have documented experience in phlebotomy and EKG, you may qualify for Certification Exam as a Certified Patient Care Technician (CPCT).

If I have a state sponsored, valid CNA license and have completed an EKG training program, can I take the CPCT exam and be certified as a Patient Care Tech?2020-03-04T04:18:19+00:00

Only if you have also completed our phlebotomy training program approved by NHA will you be eligible for CPCT certification.

How do I keep my certification current?2020-03-04T04:19:09+00:00

Once certified, you are required to complete 5 annual C.E. credits and pay annual renewal fees.

What is the difference between Traditional and Fast-Track Programs?2020-03-04T04:24:47+00:00
Plan 1 Plan 2

Traditional Vocational:
Upon your graduation, you will have:

  • Focus on courses/program in your field of study.
  • Traditional vocational certificate in your field of study
    (most likely is not acceptable nationwide).


Traditional 4-Year College:
Upon your graduation, you will have:

  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • 2 years experience in your field of study.
  • Limited opportunities during your course of study.

Fast-Track Alternative Option:
Upon completion of National Certification, you will have:

  • Credentials that are Nationally recognized in a chosen occupation and earned during a very reasonable timeframe (between 1 month and 1 year).
  • It will allow you to increase your worth in the healthcare field.
  • This National Certification is valid for inpatient settings. You have a better chance to obtain a position in any Hospital Nationwide.
  • Achievement in Medical Career in your field of study.
  • Apply and utilize your knowledge as well as skills in the scope of your practice in the real world.

The recommended initoal approach to your career in the medical field!